• I have bought a “Elektronio” bicycle but I live away from Thessaloniki. Where can I support and repair it?

    For our customers in Thessaloniki we offer full after sale services. For our customers that live outside, they can repair or service their bicycles in any bike shop nearby. In any case, if your nearby bike shop cannot serves your or faces any other problem, we have available all our communication channels to offer consulting to you and your repairer.

  • I live away from Thessaloniki. Can I order your tricycle and how long I have to wait for receiving it?

    Of course, we ship in all over Greece and Europe. You can make your orders in our e-shop. The bike building time demands 25 working days, taking into consideration that we make handcrafted and custom, unique products. The delivery time varies and depends on the destination.

  • I am a business customer and I would like to buy it my company in the near future but I need time to explore it better. Is there any other possibility of cooperation?

    Yes, there is. We are aware of the fact that we talk about a new product and it requires few time to be familiar with. For this reason, we provide the option of hiring for a while in order to know it better.

  • I am interested in acquiring it! How could I make a test ride?

    We are available for a free test ride upon request. You are invited to “Elektronio” concept lab & showroom to explore personally our products.

  • I am a business customer and I would like to buy your tricycles for my company. Could I fit my logo on them?

    There is definitely the possibility to fit your logo or your company message on our vehicles upon request. We make use of the tricycle’s surfaces appropriately and at the same time, we produce an elegant result.

  • Could we ride this tricycle in regions where the road slopes steeply up?

    Of course, thanks to the power assistance, the tricycle is capable of going up to roads with slope 10%. Taking into consideration that we produce custom tricycles, if you have any special demands for your commuting, we provide for the appropriate solutions in gear ratios and motor’s power.

  • Does the tricycle make regenerating braking?

    No, due to its mass, the benefit in greater range is very small and incompatible with the cost of this charging system.

  • How long takes the battery charging?

    The charging depends on the type of battery, its capacity, its voltage and the power of charger. For instance, it can last from 1 hour and a half to 5 hours.

  • How much range does the battery have?

    The battery’s range varies in capacity, voltage, motor’s type, rider’s weight, the slope of road and pedal assist. For example, we have an average range 25 km when we use a battery 8 Ah and an average range 60km when we use a battery 15 Ah.

  • How much is the motor’s power?

    Our products fulfill the standards of European Directive for electric bicycles. For this reason, the motor’s power is limited to 250W.