Elektronio Kouvala-e

Elektronio Kouvala-e

3,399 € Including. VAT

I am Kouvala-e, the elegant cargo buddy of Elektronio business e-bikes. As my name reveals ( Kouvalo>greek word of carry)I love cycling & carrying items in large private areas such as factories, ports, malls, resorts etc. Sometimes I become more extrovert and I don’t stop hitting the roads satisfying heavy duties for my boss, transmitting its corporate message. I am a front-drive bicycle with a steering rear wheel, powered by a hub motor. Trust me, I am so flexible and capable of on the spot twists. As I build a personalised relationship with my owner, if you purchase me, you will wait about 40 working days for our first meeting. I am not in stock & I am handcrafted in Greece, in Elektronio Lab. When you meet me, I will get accompanied with a 2 -year guarantee.

To get to know me better:

Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with parking lock

Gears: Shimano 6 speeds

Saddle: Brooks

Crankset: Aluminium

Stem : adjustable

Handlebar: optional

Electric assist : Bafang hub motor  48v 250w 35N.M. torque 

Battery : 330 Wh

Range : up to 60km

Charging time: 4h

Frame: aluminium 6063

Rear Wheel: 20”

Front Wheels: 20”

Front Box: OSB wood or marine plywood /  Width: 80 cm /Legth: 105 cm

Max payload to the front box: up to 100kg

Overall max payload: 200 kg


Additional Information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions220 x 95 x 100 cm

Storage space according to your needs




With lock