Elektronio Abl-e
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Elektronio Abl-e

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Hi, I am Abl-e, a special electric bicycle with some extra hidden power in comparison with my cousin, Pla-e. I am also an electric tilting tricycle with a very comfortable seating position and adaptable storage spaces but I have an add-on that makes the difference. The Abl-e add-on has a semi-automated stabilization system. When my rider tends to lose his balance, I can bring him back in motion. I am powered by Pendix electric drives and of course, I am connected to Pendix app in order to stay updated with valuable bicycle data for my rider. I could be a great bicycle companion to people that cannot ride a conventional bicycle for health issues or after an accident. My mission is to bring them back in cycling again but to ensure that they feel safe and active at the same time. Sometimes I am able to have also a rear motion for those that could meet very challenging uphills or have difficulty in starting riding. I am not in stock and I am tailor-made to Elektronio Lab according to your exact needs with a handcrafted making process. As I am personalized, I require some months for being delivered after your pre-order along with a 2-year guarantee.

Estimated delivery: January 2021

To get to know me better:

BRAKES: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with parking lock

GEARS: Shimano Alfine internal 8-11 gears

SEAT: anatomic leather

CRANKSET: Aluminium

HANDLEBAR: Anatomic leather

ELECTRIC ASSIST: Pendix E-drive 500 

BATTERY: Pendix 48V 500Wh

RANGE: up to 100km 


REAR MOTION: optional

ELEKTRONIO TILT NO TILT SYSTEM: semi-automated stabilization mechanism

FRAME: aluminum 6063

Storage space: optional





Additional Information

Weight34 kg
Dimensions180 x 90 x 100 cm